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Heima simply means "Home" in Old Norse. I invite you to experience my home and the inspiration I get from the spirits of the land and the farming life that I live deep in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina. I moved to this area about 7 years ago and there is an energy here that will not let me leave. The beauty and healing powers of these mountains keeps me here. I want to share what I see, hear and feel through the voice of the Kraviklyre. Also featured in a few songs is the Bukkehorn.


released March 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Sun and Moon Dance North Carolina

Sun and Moon Dance is the direct connection of my spirit to my Gods. Its a reflection of the balance of darkness and light that I see within myself. The name is inspired by the Sun and Moon chasers Hati and Sköll and the necessity of both light and darkness. Musically this project is a mix of Norwegian ritual/folk music as well as folk from Appalachia. You will hear nothing that is not organic. ... more

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Track Name: The Mountains Root (Heima pt.1)
I see towering giants mighty and tall...
whose peaks bridge the gap to the Holy Ones above.
Clouds move through the pines with their moist chill.
A gift of mother Frigg.
Fog rolls through the forest at mornings wake.
Silent and shrouded are the dancing elves.
The fog disappears to the call of the Black Bird.
There I see the wandering man.
Thunder above shakes the earth below.
I know Thor is near.
The rain descends over the ridge to nurture the crop.
Blood seeps through the soil to seed below.
Blessed be the harvest, Freyjas will.
Life and death ever present.
Young die just the same on this ever-turning wheel.
The trees painted with color as Sól disappears beyond the horizon.
The great wolf not far behind.
Great fires burn through the winter...
guiding the burdened spirit to the coming spring.
Here is where I make my home.
Here where ancient stories are told.
Here at the root of the mountain.
Track Name: The Ever-Turning Wheel
Life follows the Sun.
The wheel keeps turning on.
Spring circles to Winter.
Life and Death are one and the same.

The road to Hel is so long and cold.
Beneath the mighty Ash she dwells.
Guiding you to the growing root.
Runes that were carved, have come to an end.

The seed youve planted has grown tall and strong
She follows the steps of her mother.
The ring continues on and on.
Turning this spinning wheel.

We live by the sun.
On this ever-turning wheel
We live by the sun.
On this ever-turning wheel.